Hyperlocal Web Sites

Hyperlocal new sites let people zoom in on what is happening closest to them, often without involving traditional journalists. They might let a visitor know about an arrest a block away, the sale of a home down the street and reviews of nearby restaurants. But the one problem is when your focusing on smaller neighborhoods, your audience begins to get smaller as well. Hyperlocal websites become handy when searching for the new hot new bar that opened down the block but not so great when the company isn’t making that much money, only to have limited success selling ads. In the last several years, neighborhood blogs have sprouted across the country, providing the sites with free, ready made content they can link to. And new tools, like advanced search techniques and cellphones with GPS capability that will help the sites figure out which articles to show to which readers in which neighborhoods. These websites also take advantage of sound and animation in which strengthen the content for the reader, rather than print. To be completely honest, I enjoy reading hyperlocal websites because I can read at the convenience on my phone than hold a bundle of newspaper. Wherever and whenever, i can look up any city criteria night or day.


Blog 7

About a week ago I heard the devastating news of my best friends sister dying of a drug overdose. Unfortunately opioid abuse is becoming a huge epidemic in not just our country but in the world. Painkiller addiction often serves as a gateway to heroin use and has led to skyrocketing levels of addiction and deaths from the illegal and highly-addictive drug.

First, there were “pill mills” in Florida meant there were easy access to narcotics. Strip malls and street corners laden with “pain clinics” attracted a constant flow of “patients” consuming narcotics. When these sources closed, these people sought the next readily available substance…heroin.

Second, the government challenged the pharmaceutical industry to change the content matrix of oxycodone to prevent it from being easily crushed and turned into a powder that can be snorted or injected to get high. As a result, people who were used to crushing, cooking or injecting starting using heroin.

Third, when a physician cuts off people who are legitimately taking prescription pain medicine for pain or recovering from an injury, they realize they’ve become dependent and go to heroin to fill the void. When access to the drug of choice is taken away, the addict becomes “dope sick,” a condition in which they feel so ill that they have to keep using to feel better. To many, the high that heroin provides is the cure. It‘s cheaper, readily available and its effects are relatively predictable.

Service Journalism

For my service journalism project, my topic of interest will be “The Blood Type Diet”. For some who question what that is, it is an diet in which the individual depends on the person’s ABO blood type. Each blood type represents genetic traits of our ancestors, including which diet they evolved to thrive on. Now in my 20’s, I see a drastic change in my body weight, metabolism, skin and health. Not regarding to be at risk, but to be more aware of what I am consuming for my health in the future. For example, my sister has been on the “Blood Type” diet for almost 9 years now and I most certainly agree, at the age of 35 she looks younger than myself. Her skin is completely flawless, her body wight is absolutely perfect for her size as well as her health is in perfect condition. But keep in mind she regularly makes her way to the gym in which I’ve been absent about…. 

There are four different diets depending on their blood type A. B. AB and O. And each one refers to obtaining different foods that benefit more than the other. 

This is how each blood type is supposed to consume:

    • Type A: Called the agrarian, or cultivator. People who are type A should eat a diet rich in plants, and completely free of “toxic” red meat. This closely resembles a vegetarian diet.
    • Type B: Called the nomad. These people can eat plants and most meats (except chicken and pork), and can also eat some dairy. However, they should avoid wheat, corn, lentils, tomatoes and a few other foods.
    • Type AB: Called the enigma. Described as a mix between types A and B. Foods to eat include seafood, tofu, dairy, beans and grains. They should avoid kidney beans, corn, beef and chicken.
    • Type O: Called the hunter. This is a high-protein diet based largely on meat, fish, poultry, certain fruits and vegetables, but limited in grains, legumes and dairy. It closely resembles the paleo diet.

The way I describe it is my body is like a machine, my body of course depends on water, oxygen, and food. But my body needs its energy from all those for it to fully work. Blood runs throughout my body but I must consume all the right ingredients for my body to properly function. If my blood type is O doesn’t it make sense for me to consume the food that benefits my blood type? I’ve been very hesitant to use this diet, but I feel in my early twenty’s its better now than never.

Blog 5

Not many people are interested to visit a psychic and receive a reading. I was granted information I would love to express and talk with you all about my experience with a psychic I recently interviewed. Of course you’re able to be against such a crazy idea, I’m not here to change anyone’s religious views but it’s definitely a topic I myself been curious about. For many years I’ve desired to have my fortune told but hadn’t seen the time to do so. Hopefully this can open your eyes to more irrational ideas for yourself to do. Why not give it a chance?

Preparing The Interview

I discussed my interview with one of my Jewish uncles, getting his advice on how I should come upon asking a psychic to sit down and talk with me about a potential interview and my uncle suggested to book an appointment for a reading which may be actually exciting…but may also be quite pricey. I google searched “Psychics in Tampa Bay”, going over their yelp reviews to see whose the real deal or whose a complete scammer. And of course I’ll be choosing the psychic with 5 out of 5 stars on google search that’s closest to me. I most definitely will contact him before stepping in his “office” asking if he would be interested in an Interview before the bribe of a reading. I’ve only experienced one reading before my move to Florida and now in my mid 20’s, life has drastically changed but for the better. I’m thrilled to be a client as well as asking a series of my own questions hoping it’s worth every dollar.

Interview With a Psychic

I’ve always wondered about the after life and which religious views to practice because growing up my mother, a catholic Hispanic and my father, a Israeli Jew, I was introduced to both religions as a child. Would I be wrong for choosing one from the other? I mean its all the same denomination right? Psychics intrigued me the most because they assume to foresee the future, speak with the dead and have the best advice. I knew interviewing a Psychic would be the answer everyone wanted to hear.

1.) When did you first recognize that you had this gift?

2.) When did you begin doing this work professionally?

3.) Tell us the difference between Psychics and Mediums

4.) Do you see dead people?

5.) Have any other beliefs?

6.) What was it like as a child with this gift?

7.)  How long do your readings last and why did you choose this length of time?

8.) What can one expect during a normal reading with you?

9,) Is there anything about your gift or abilities that is unique from most other psychics or psychic mediums?

10.) Have you ever had an experience you weren’t able to read someone?


The Interview

I’ve always had a fascination with psychics. A person who has an ability to predict the future or talk with the dead is quit far fetched if you ask me. But it boggles your mind when you watch TV shows such as “Hollywood Medium” go lengths in detail about family members who are now deceased talk about their past life. As a little girl walking the boardwalk of Atlantic City, almost every corner I past there would be a sign that reads “$20 Palm Readings”. With wonder I allowed myself to finally give it a try at the age of 18. A turn of the palm, this woman told me almost exactly what I wanted to hear. “You’ll fall in love, You’ll have a big family, You’ll end up very wealthy…blah blah blah” but $20 dollars could only get you so far, with the satisfactory of $150 dollars you’ll hear the name of the person you’ll fall in love with, how many kids you’ll have and the kind of career you would acquire. People spend hundreds of dollars for these “psychics” to uplift they’re spirits and give them great fortune. I must find out where do they obtain such a gift….From someones earnings or gift they were simply born with?…..

Questions and Concerns:

“When did you find out you were psychic?”

“Did your ability scare you?”

“Can you tell the future?”

“Are you able to foresee tragic events?”

“Can you speak to the dead?”

My Introduction

amberHello everyone! I’m Amber Reanna Millman, a 23 year old college student here at Hillsborough Community College. I’m originally from the infamous Atlantic City, New Jersey whose now enjoying what Tampa, Florida has to offer. I’ve decided after years of being indecisive I’ve come to the conclusion of obtaining my Associates from HCC and then transferring to The University Of South Florida with a Mass Communications degree. I enjoy all aspects of entertainment. I hope to someday see myself becoming the female version of Seth McFarlane, creating my own cartoon show as well as doing voice overs for the several personalities I’ve created. I love to make people laugh, it’s always been a pleasure to have my friends smiling when around me. I’m a huge celebrity groupie, I non stop read Daily Mail and watch TMZ every afternoon at 5 p.m after a long day at The Caban Skin Institute, a dermatology practice which I work for. I enjoy most importantly unique things in life like artwork, unsolved mysteries or even fun facts that people wouldn’t bother to want to learn about. I’m as weird as it gets, my mind will never stop creating irrational ideas for myself and dragging my boyfriend along with me. I have a miniature dachshund named Mooie I’m crazy about and a life I’ve been blessed with.